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kibou_sueshijuu's FanFiction

aka Shameless Self-Gratification

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Unless marked as "original story", none of the characters or settings in the stories appearing in this livejournal account are property of me. They belong to their respective companies/writers/producers/whatever-entity-actually-legally-owns-them. I am not making any sort of profit or gain off these pieces of fictionalized fiction (save for perhaps an ego pat here or there). I am only borrowing the paramaters to hone my writing skills and enjoy my fandoms in greater detail. Please don't sue me - all my money belongs to the government anyway. I live off student loans!

Welcome, to my fiction journal! My personal journal is located at kibou_sueshijuu. You won't find any personal ramblings here, just my fanfic, though you'll find plenty of personal and fandom ramblings over at my personal journal.

The majority of what is posted here will be fanfiction, however, I may post original fiction if I ever get around to writing any. It'll all be tagged and given an appropriate subject line, so no fear if you're not interested in orginal fic. I plan to make this easy for you, even if it means having to check a few times what my subject line template is. :P

I write mostly slash, BUT I do write gen. Sometimes. It's all marked and behind lj-cuts, so I encourage you to take a look first, before heading for the hills if you're not a slash-fan. You may like some of my gen stuff. And I may write het in the future, I dunno. It's a possiblity. A slim one. But one none the less.

I am a feedback whore! Please please please tell me if you like one of my stories, or if you think the chars are too OOC or anything. As much as I'd like to be all lofty and dramatic and say I write because I love to write and only for that reason, it's only half true. I would keep writing if I didn't have feedback. But getting feedback pretty much brightens my day in ways you can't even imagine. So please, feed the beast!

Stargate: Atlantis (primarily)
Stargate: SG-1 (here and there)

John Sheppard/Rodney McKay (aka McShep, tagged as mcshep)
John Sheppard/Ronon Dex (aka Shex, tagged as shex)
Jack O'Niell/Daniel Jackson (aka Jack/Daniel, aka whiskey!fic in my own mind, :D, tagged as whiskey)

LJ: kibou_sueshijuu
MSN: kibou_sueshijuu [at] hotmail
E-Mail: kibou_sueshijuu@hotmail.com


Thanks for stopping by! I love feedback, so please comment on any story you enjoyed or didn't enjoy, and let me know! Constructive critisism is appreciated, and flames will be used to toast marshmallows for the purpose of making s'mores... mmm... s'mores...